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Custom tailoring online As they see, people are increasingly conscientious, and it has the need for dressing up. One level does not apply to everyone, especially businessmen and women, especially when visiting the office every day. The custom clothing industry is still relatively untapped, so starting a business will now provide a major potential for future growth. In addition to being offered directly to their homes, you can customize it:• Fabric• Shapes• Size• Fitting• Sewing• Lining How to start a tailoring business at home Nowadays most women have to do something on their own. The purpose is to earn some money and engage in some performance creations. They do not have a corporate job or do not work in any company, and some kind of business industry wants to start a home or nearby shopping complex. A family needs to care for her family. A good idea is to start a sewing shop or a boutique at home.
In this post, I will show you how to start a home based sewing business.


Market Opportunity to Start a Sewing  ShopLet's  see the market opportunity to start a tailoring home.
Dressed in the clothing market is filled with clothes. You will see a little man wearing a separate shirt and pants. They do not need a sewing shop.
Women's Division is the main market for sewing shop. Women love to wear customized and equipped clothing. They will buy a lot of redemptive clothes from one evening or bazaar. But they need someone to change the new clothes. So they often see tailor's change or custom fit wear. Some of the common women's clothing products include Gurda, Cases, Salwar and Kamies. Even the clothes purchased in the local market should be a barrier to failure.
In the festive season many women prefer to wear wing and designer blouse. When they get the wing, they need a blouse. Normally they get a blouse piece on the road. Once again they have a nice tailor who can shape their blouse custom fit and designed. They have to combine sari with the fall and end the two ends of the thread, prevent the thread from exiting.
In every society and colonies, we need good tailors. I want to share a more interesting opportunity. Nowadays, in metro and major cities, people are changing houses in communities. In many such families in such a large community, enough to start sewing shop business.
While some tailors have already offered sewing services in your area, you can start your own. Remember, always looking for best tailoring services for women. Housewives and woman who wants to earn when this business family is running is ideal.How much space is required for a home based sewing shop? Although it is numbering machines and employees, a 100-120 square foot space is enough to start with 2 engines. You can use vertical space to collect items.

Need for knowledge and skill for sewing business To run a tailoring business you have some basic skills in it -• Knowledge of the sewing machine (basic machine) and sewing machine• Learn fabric tailoring. Are you boldly dressed or have you hired a talented tailor, you have to learn the basics of clothing,• Physical measurement and dressing,• Learn algorithm drawing• Cloth for fabric fabrics• Learn about fabrics and their properties• Learn about clothing fit• Sewing and tailoring the manufacture and dressing of clothing. Sewing shop is definitely a 3-6 months to start. Note: Sewing does not have to work if you sew by a sewing machine. What machine do you need? For a tailoring shop, at least one black head has single needle lock machines and a 3 thread overload machine (also known as an Internet machine). A bonding machine is used for the margin finish. If you prefer, you can invest in industrial sewing machines. The black head sewing machine in the Amazon shop is Rs. 3500 -6000 / -.
You need to create a model, dressing and cutting clothes. 6 feet x 4 feet top. If you have a small spacing 4 x 3.5 sq.m in the table, how to manage your services? You have to tell others about your services. Show these print sliding banners in the main gate of your house. You can see your banner ads in potential places. If you live in a community, you can open the printed bills / pamphlets.
You can market your services on your Facebook  page. Also, create a Whatsapp group, offer any offer or send a message if you have some products to sell.
Learn about your tools and equipment: Besides sewing machines and a table, you have to buy AIDS for work. See the following list.• Scissors for cutting fabric• Lime,• Scales and curves,• Quantity of ribbon,• Paper Paper,• Needles• tilt opening• Work Aids - Special pressure for hemming and picot stitch. (Hemming and Picot Stitch can be done manually)• Source material required: threads and materials• Some hangers, rack, and stands• Electric ironBusiness  practiceInitially your boutique sets the minimum number of machines (2 engines) and equipment.
If you set up your workshop at home, separate the work space, work schedule and workplace store.
Stand on some layers and stand for work and fabrics
Buy threads of various colors
Buy some cargo on lining fabrics and equipment. In most cases you need to connect the sound to match the dress.
Do as much marketing as possible. Print some leaflets and distribute it to your community. Talk about your services when you meet other women in your community.
Open Facebook page and open design designs time and discount prices.
Flexible banners can be printed and show banners anywhere. A banner should be placed in the main gate of your shop / house. Print mobile / phone number.
Contact 2-3 good tailors to sew on a contract basis. Keep 2-3 alternative tailors in hand. Call one of your workshops while you work in hand. Workshop can work 2-3 hours a day to complete the work. Or maybe once in a week depending on the work. You call them everyday when you get regular work.
Hire a girl or a woman in the manual jobs like button and hook merging, hand sewing etc.
Try to provide the best services to your customers. Always focus on customer satisfaction. Remember, your customers will become your invisible sales force.
If you do a good job, a satisfying customer will do more work for you and tell others about your good services.

The typical boutique working rate in India I saw some pots in the area I live in. There are some rates for your reference (Delhi and NCR).Qur'an / Clothing Change - Rs. 50• Sewing braiding - Rs. 300 / - 400 / - (including accessories)• Preparation of  Gurta - Rs. 200 - 250 / - (design and accessories included)• Combining Wing Fall + Piko - Rs. 80-100 / -• Pico Only - 50 /Salwar Kamees - Rs. 300 / -Note: The rate for different types of jobs may be allowed to change.
Trade difference Always expand your business. When you see your work volume increased and you can not provide all the order time - it's time to buy a machine. If you have a decent number of customers, you can start selling the sales of such items as Kurds, Cases, Legings and Ladies Inware Products. Although many of these products are not available, you may earn some.
If you're good at designing, make some good models for cases and blouses and put them on display. You can expand your business in personalized clothing and designer clothes.

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