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Each city, large or small, needs (and qualified) a few good restaurants. Your local pizza castle will not be enough on all occasions and events. But as a bakery holds, opening a restaurant is not something that goes into something. You have to bother, passion, and a big businessman and a chef (or at least a hard core food).

There are a lot to think about whether you think about opening a restaurant for managing policies from the menu.

Although all the restaurants are different, there are some common differences between simple sandwich shops and steakhouses. Any restaurant opening should be successful, there are some things you can not take lightly. By taking more time to focus on these 10 aspects of the business, you can offer the best opportunities to buy shares in the market and earn a profit when opening a restaurant.

1. Your target marketIf you do not know who you are, how can you make sure that your best customer is going to work with your new restaurant? Getting a clear picture of your target market helps every aspect of your business. Consider the age, the income level and the lifestyle of the customers you want. Where do they live How do they spend their time? What are they most worth? You can clearly see the types of people who are seeking answers to these questions, to fill in your schedule and to see your counters.

2. Your Different FactorsDo you listen to people in your restaurant on the open day? "It's your base Mexican location" or "It's a Mexican restaurant where they have big music, their own chips and salsa and they have big Margaritaas"? Successfully for your restaurant, it should be worth the mind of a restaurant. Understand how your target market can distinguish you from the competition. For instance, if you have opened a simple food establishment that helps employees, complimentary magazines will be offered in your restaurant every morning. Try organizing your favorite food companies to come up with ideas about how to best serve your best customer service.

3. Your locationDestination targeting is now a great trend, as more and more patrons like the idea of ​​'finding' that out-of-the-way gemstone that their friends still do not know. So, if you have two Michelin stars or an industrial lead marketing team, you can open a dormant suburban restaurant behind the laundry. For everyone, it's a terrible, scary idea.Most restaurants fail because they do not get enough business and in most restaurants they do not get enough business because they do not have a convenient option. Of course, this means that a factor in the case of proper temporary and quick service comments is a growing restaurant that chooses the right restaurant location, and a difference that can not close out their first year. If you are looking for the location of the restaurant, make sure that the footprint analysis of the area is made (with the thermos of caffe overhead and head over daily traffic). Most importantly, do not forget to check the zone laws applicable to your building and tailor the place on the market you are trying to serve.

4. Your POS systemOne of the most noteworthy features to open a restaurant is to invest in technology to help busy business owners simplify day-to-day activities. Today, a good POS system is important as a reliable grill in a busy restaurant. Choosing the right restaurant POS system, cutting on kitchen bugs, managing cargo, control costs, stealing prevention, tracking popularity of your menu images, adjusting tips, keeping accounting books accurate and more. Carefully consider your POS system, remember that you are coming to believe it rather than printing and processing verification.

5. Your policies and proceduresCustomers have the most successful restaurants and policies for handling complaints for handling supplies for cleaning. Ensure that you enable the settings for each aspect of your daily activities and handle unexpected opportunities before opening your restaurant. Make clear your policies and practices in order to ensure that each member of your group (including you) lives with them.

6. Your cleaning proceduresEach restaurant is subject to strict legal norms relating to clean, health and safety. Penalties and legal liabilities may violate any provision, perhaps more importantly, to ruin your restaurant's reputation. The fate of the famous Mexican restaurant C-C, which works in more than 200 US locations is a good example. In November 2003, Hepatitis A. had an explosion in only one place, and there was a possibility of survival in the already-fighting die-cycle.

7. Your PriceIf you opt for more food or temporary convenience food, your menu price strategy should look for financial knowledge. Be sure to disconnect your room before the doors of your restaurant are opened. Direct Prices, Higher Expenses, Product Expenses, Indirect Costs and Menu Price Limits Factors that affect your price. It should also be noted that the cost of food adds to the fluctuations over time, which means that your prices should increase your profits - your suppliers like a hawk should monitor. When in doubt, the more expensive, always keep in mind your target client and business model. After all, a $ 100 burger sale does not make Bob's Burger Shock feel but your business' value fits the concept, location and target audience may be a $ 10 burger perfect justification. The important thing is that you need to come with a non-shorter price model in your business, and you can always adjust your bills when business looks.

8. Your menuIn your restaurant menu, it will be fluid, changing several times; However, it is important for you to advance your best way to get guests back. Resist the test to create a large menu for everyone. When a restaurant opens, closing a large spectrum controls some options to help control costs and the kitchen runs smoothly. You can always add different categories by providing everyday benefits.

9. Your StaffRestarations are very high in the restaurant, but it is not wrong to see the expenditure of employees. At any time, you have to have the best hot bodies for people who want to work in your restaurant. The restaurant manager has to be a team player from the dishwasher, to fulfill the attention of each level.

Each group must play a key role in determining your success. Finding the right, experienced head-chef, he often hears from the contact and returning from your previous team to your home.

10. Your Customer ServiceIf you serve $ 45 leaks into burgers or a luxury dining room at a counter, try making a personal experience for your customers. Firstly it is important for the success of any restaurant to be committed to obliging customers. At some point, your team is going to make mistakes. The kitchen is forced to retreat, you can accidentally compensate a guest and the problems are going to happen. But if you have registered in the best customer service, your supporters will be very sorry when problems arise. Set an example for star customer service and expect your team to lead your lead.

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