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What is money?

You tell. 'What is money?'

We begin with a widespread rupee coin today and accept that the money is only up to the purple two thousand rupees that the government has put into new circulation.

Is that money?

Today everybody uses money. All of them need money from the purchase of the karmarked candy and the rolls Royce car worth millions of rupees. Everyone needs money. If we know the history of making money, the answer to the question of what money is, let's all know. In ancient times, the man began hunting for his food. The stronger will go to the forest to hunt the animals and fulfill his food. Slightly young and old people gather honey and fruit. They both mutually change their food needs and change the way they are.

That is, the hunter who hunts animals in the forest will always be bored to eat curds. Sweet honey may be eaten, and when the fruits of the fruit are desired, the fruits of the honey will be replaced by the value of honey. Later, when the civilization was grown in the riverbanks and the man sought to cultivate agriculture, this barter was largely in force. When landowning society was formed, all the land holders became employers. Those who worked on their land earned their 'wages' for their labor. This wage was initially grain.

Man was fighting each other in the occupation of the land. They created common power systems to solve these problems. A meeting, which is a leader to sort out their problems, then stretching it out to form the 'state'. The king was the head of the state. The country is big or small based on the strength of each king and the strength and management of the respective King.

People within his territory created the government to start a public order without a fight, and the establishment of the police and police and their respective territorial administrations. This government needed a lot of money to operate as a machine. Funds were financed from the taxes on their behalf for the benefit of the people. The barrier to this system was so confusing that the government 'value' for each item and service was put into 'coin'.

After the exchange of money transaction, the barbarous conflicts left. That is, the practice of easy cash for a cow cow is easy, as if it were three sheep instead of a whole cow. The seller of cows, instead of buying a goat, was able to buy the desired items with his own cache.

The value of an object was a different meaning, and after the formation of 'money', the trade prospered. Traders came in many ways. After formalizing, the government was able to overcome the conflicts in the "tax" and confuse the government. The value of a product / service is a label or currency as a label. This is the money. As a replacement for money, previously confused with the use of precious metals such as gold, the currency of the whole world is using the money today.

Although we usually say a 'currency', we have three types of money in our use. Do not blush wonderfully, "Really?" Is. In the morning the milk packet purchase, starting in the bus conductor to give, coffee shop owner Giving, Paper shop 'Daily Paper' buying, giving, home when his wife Jasmine flower buy jasmine seller, children Snacks Buy Bakery shop owner retail one, two rupees starting their facility levels the climb A thousand, two thousand, making up the first category of daily spending money.

The money in the bank, the credit card, the share of the money in the market is the type of money that can be changed to the first type of money as ever, but the second type of money we own is not a currency. Real Estate, the immovable immovable property that is lumpy is the third type of money. The first type of money starts from the beggars and everyone will be there. The second type of money will be a bit short of the underlying economic inequality of society. The third type of money, the rich.

OK. You have understood what is the amount of money you have. Who is keeping this cash flow?

The Prime Minister, who has declared that the five hundred thousand banknotes are not valid, will not shock you if you say that there is no power. India Democrat, a moment, your democracy will be boasting if it is not the power for the prime minister chosen by the people.
Patiently, take a hundred rupee note (take a rupee note, your wish), at your disposal. It will have the following pledge.


Check out whose signature is below the pledge. Reserve Bank Governor's signature. So, the one hundred rupees note we hold is the one hundred rupees, the ruler of the Reserve Bank is not the ruler of the ruler. This is the government's recognition of the Governor's approval.


The Reserve Bank Governor assures us how much of our money is and what it is worth. The Reserve Bank's task is to print and distribute the money in our country. If you have a lot of money to print and distribute among the people, all you have to pay is a 'simplistic economic solution' that you can completely eliminate poverty. Easy. Good Matter. The Reserve Bank may be giving a note to the song.


Since the value of the service / service is already a confirmation payment, the print can not be beaten as well. The economic value of a country can be the currency of the currency. If it does not, then the economic foundation of the country will be tilted. There will be various conflicts. This is a little bit of an electric matrix. For now, we have learned that 'what is money'? This is enough.

"Sorry if there is a literary mistake in English words"

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