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Top 10 product categories in the biggest market

Drinks:  One of the highest quality products of pastes is the experience of experienced retailers and public food suppliers. So, for example, the cost of a liter of a liter is not a rupee, but today's market price is 30 liters per bottle of water.

Imported copies cost a hundred rupees or more. For example, in the resort towns (on the Russian Black Sea coast or abroad), the cost of bottled water in five liters container can reach several hundred rupees. Still, tourists will buy drinking at such "outraged" prices. This certainly will benefit the vendors - here, you can reach 100, 200 and 500 percent of water, actually different from the price offered at its actual price store.

Likewise about drinking in public cottages. Drinks can be increased several times. Even typing in the range of hot tea or coffee, cocktail or refreshing drinks in your grocery store, you can get a decent amount of money "success" and a good margin.
Flowers. Vendors and buyers have "edge" in the flower business. Additional charges for goods here are huge. For example, in our country popular Russian ruble will cost 30-50 cents per ecuador Ecuador's roast piece, while their price in Russia is from a hundred rubles of flowers today. Of course, the cost of the rose "saved" its cost of delivery, but the index level is more important.

Flowers  will always be profitable, especially during holidays. And if the sale of flowers "in the shops" range can be exactly and beautiful, it is a stable source with permanent returns, no flowers will be today - it's constant goods with high margin. There is only a PC for searching for a trusted supplier, which can provide you with an attractive wholesale price.
The hand may have been created. Today, handmade exclusive products are very popular around the world. While their price is very difficult, valuing and reselling, the seller means that any price "air" is free. Handmade products handmade dolls, glove clothing, accessories, beautifully decorated interior materials, original designer "tricks" and beautiful and stylish little things.

Retailers will definitely: With a competent approach, you can "knock" the whole time simultaneously with the unique handset for product sorting. The margin size is very high, the demand is high, and the market of opportunities is relatively quiet. This type of high-end items for various shops applies: from furniture stores, clothing stores results, children's supplies, accessories, etc. Today, selling any mobile retailer is very profitable.
Holiday parts.This type includes items in the "unfair high" price. The sellers are betting that prices will be forced to buy people at any price by closing the prices of goods. The card - a white cardboard with a poem, where the cost of a few cents - that's why a hundred rubles stores may cost today and cost a simple balloon, filled with helium, will cost 150 rubles for 10 rubles!

    That's why many retailers shop is paid to the marginality of these products: cards, balloons, rooms, "hats", as well as wedding accessories, posters, vines and much more, decorations. The main price of these products is a penny, but "marginal" from their sales can reach hundreds and thousands of rupees. In addition, the demand for such goods is always higher.
Clothing ornaments. The introduction of the store classification for high-end products is now the least expensive, including various jewelry, accessories, and wear jewelry. The classification of such related products is the point of sale of shoes or clothes, underwear and even small shops.

Mark up on the clothes from colored plastic and glass - costume jewelry - can reach three hundred percent. Sometimes simple bells or accessories of famous brands can be worth the gold or silver jewelry jewelry. In other words, there is "cheap" jewelry sale that you can get especially big revenue in the store.

Dear alcohol. In addition to obtaining licenses for alcohol trading, the sale of wine retailers is an expensive business today, you have to follow the trade rules of business, to integrate with the integrated state information system and solve many of these related tasks. Material cost is always at all times to compensate for the amount received from alcohol sales.

For example, on average restaurant, alcohol tariff good bottle is at least tripled, too, even "clocked" in store 100% product markup, you get a good profit. For alcoholic elites and rare wines, and the border - the wine has been the highest margin product and the stable net profit brings to its retailers.
Loose tea and coffee. This is a tremendous truth, but today most commercial companies sell tea and coffee for sale of high market products. All the people love good tea and quality coffee, and the real consciences are willing to give their "rounds" of their elite. For example, buying tea directly in China and selling them at your store at a price of 300%, you may receive unconditional significant benefits.

This high-margin product has been automatically installed for long time and elite Chinese tea is popular types that we use today, but even sports groceries stores sports stores in retail stores can only be found in the tea shop shelves. Such a product will increase the average check in your store in any case.
In the management of the famous shop sales couture of popular brands in management: In the rule of cosmetics, the price of goods is not increased by 20%. That is, 80% of the cost of beauty is its beautiful packaging, advertising and advertising. But women - cosmetic key buyers - favorite brands makeup are almost ready for any overpay to make money.

The same spirits goes - their price is less than market value. You can increase the average check and get more profits by performing products in your stylized cosmetics or perfumes. This applies to women's clothing stores, accessories, pharmacies, industrial goods stores and more.

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