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Tea Coffee Shop

Tea Coffee Shop

Profitable tea coffee shop (Tamils ​​know for Kerala nayar’s  know for sure)

Due to the rise in milk prices, the price of tea and coffee in Tamil Nadu is Rs. 1  Rises up to 2. The
Casual tea / coffee shops

A bottle of Rs 9 / - per tea and  will be sold for Rs.11/- coffee

On the one hand, the hungry tea of ​​the ordinary people will now become a luxury drink.

On the other hand, Aavin's milk is sold for Rs 38 per liter. On the same day, tea coffee is a tip of coffee in the stomach.

This is a price increase for mothers who are dependent on the milk of Aavin. I'll leave the position of women standing in the milk pills to your eyes.

This promotion is a form of profit for those who run the Rodeum tea coffee shop.

Rupee 9 x 500 tea = Rs 4500 a day income
Rs 4500 x 30 = Rs 1,35,000 a month

Monthly expenses:

Shop rent, people's wage, milk and everything else is more than Rs 75,000 ... Monthly profits will reach at least Rs 60,000. Today, even in multinational software companies, this salary is not available. Hmmm.

This is only tea taken into account. More cost for coffee, milk, lemon tea, green tea, mixer  tea, ginger tea, phonita, harlicks, boost, etc. What is more? You will be surprised to know how much of a day will be sold as potato pandas, cashew pandas, kajura, banana pajji, pret pajji, onion patties, chili patties, potato patties, maize, masala, samosa, biscuits, cakes and pans. Mouthpiece.

What is more? Some tea shops sell the juices along with the variants. What's hot

The ordinary tea shop to think of what the income is going to come, but the income is coming to us in the streets of our four newly grown teak shops


Above, the only thing that comes into the tea store is the account. But this is only possible with the need for this industry to be ready to invest in excessive (unsurpassed) work.

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