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Sell your old stuff

What's the second sales? Do not pray. One of the people's moods was that they could buy new ones despite the price. While home-grown goods, such as long-term labor, can be recuperated to a large extent, and other home goods will not be purchased at second sales. They were dismissed aside.

But today re-sale is growing as an inevitable trade. Offers market offers not only for buyers but also for selling products that are used.

After the advent of websites, the re-market has witnessed a tremendous growth. Websites were handed over to those who were confused about how to sell the used goods. The home car is the first car and home available in this re-sale. The beneficiaries say they are profitable by buying and buying, buying and buying.

There are three types of offers for purchase, auction, and a website, as per the second hand selling sales of the re-sale.


Websites provide an opportunity to look at photos of products. If the price is within our expectations, then the item can be bought with the seller. There is no need to buy if there are no truths about satisfactory price or object. There is more credibility as it directly communicates with the owner of the item.

Some people sell the item urgently. In such cases, the price will be reduced to sell immediately. This is a good thing for searching the Internet. At the same time should be careful. The house is empty and the sellers sell the goods. At that time the price would be lower. Do not get rush. If there is any problem in the items, that owner can not be recovered. You have to buy after testing.


Auctioneer acts as a bridge for the seller and the buyer. Besides buying and selling the item, he would like to get a favorable price for the right holder. Benefit to buyers for a favorable price. Some banks will bring their assets to the auction at the public auction. If we participate directly, we can profit by auction.

Direct sales

There are merchants alone for sale. Those who have the intention of selling the item will have the goods. We can look after and test them according to our needs. As for re-sale, it is the electronic goods and used cars and wooden furniture that sellers


In India, 25 lakh used cars are sold annually, according to statistics. In 2011, sales of used cars were up to 25 lakh in 2014. The figures show that this will increase to 40 lakh cars in 2020. As for the used cars, diesel cars are more expensive than the petrol cars.

Real Estate

The price of a new home can cost a maximum of 40 percent of the old home from the purchase price. If we are going to buy an old house, we will have to examine the value of the property and know whether we have given it the right price.

A 5-year old home can ask for less than 20 percent of the price from the purchase price. A 10-15 year old house can cost 25-30 percent. That is, the price of a new home in that area can be reduced by so much on the price. Bank credit is available in this category.

Electronics products

All electronic products from cellphone to LED are available in second hand sales. If you buy a TV, what does it sell? How many years old is it to see if the model is currently on sale or whether the service is available?

The buyers do not have to hurry because they are selling urgently. We need to be tested until we are satisfied. It is a growing mood that you can buy new products and buy low-cost items at the same level. Similarly, the idea of ​​re-selling and making money is growing. The seller and the buyer benefit from it depending on his ability.

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