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Packing Clip

Packing Clip

One of the key ingredients used when packing things is a clip. You can buy and sell this and earn good income. You can earn up to Rs 20 thousand per month.

There are special machines for making these clips. Quality of the company should be asked to consult the business consultant.
New entrepreneurs can buy a quality machine and produce a business that produces clips.

If you do a clip manufactured, you will find income at least Rs. 20,000 per month.
As much as possible, the income will be as much as possible. At present, a kilo clip sells up to Rs. 50.
The clip machine is very easy to operate. One is enough to direct.It does not need too much. At least 10 to 10 feet is sufficient.

Entrepreneurs who want to start the business can hire a small space and hold the business with this machine.

Clip engine works in semi automatic method. Motorola runs in 0.5 horsepower. i.s.o 9000 certified motorized clip machine should be purchased.

The clip machine has two parts: baking and cutting. In the cutting area we will be cut off to a clip of iron particles. The part of the baking machine will turn the disconnected iron particles into the clip.

It can be made from 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 millimeters and 1 inch and 1.5 inches. This motor can be operated on a single face or 2 face curve.

The machine can be trained to get the training from its vendor.
This industry is the best profession for female entrepreneurs. Particularly women's self help groups can do this job very well.

Metal scrap of raw material for making a clip is about Rs 30 a kg
Available for Rs.

It can be sold at Rs. 50 per kg. Profit at Rs 1 per kg 10 available. If you subtract some of the rent, electricity, employee salaries, at least Rs. 5 is available for profit.

If you produce at least 150 kg a day, you will have a profit of Rs.750. The raw materials are easily available locally. Clubs are good at home and overseas, and can work uninterrupted throughout the year.

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