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There is not a day when I do not think of the words of 'Bharat' For more than 20 years, we have not spent a few days a week because we have been living in the streets in many areas for some public work. After every meeting or gathering in each village, you get good rice. Every time you search for a shop, you will get the excitement of 'Bharat'

Tamil literature has recorded thousands of people who have not been homework due to poverty or travel. According to scholar Professor Parameswaran, 'cultural movements' can be found in the divorce lines of the temple, which is known as the 'Mother of Pillai Thillai Sittampalam', which is devoted to thousands of pilgrims in Tamil Nadu. From the time of Vijayanagara Empire, rice was sold in Tamilnadu stores, and later in the British Raj, the shops selling rice called the hotel were widely reported.

Our Tamil community, the pioneering community of land and sea in search of material for business. Then, our predecessors have been to navigate to the Fijat Islands and Sri Lanka tea gardens in search of survival. The novel and the 'Burning Panikadu' novel of 'Saiyam Death Rail' We have no such thing. The public service is good.

At the age of a small age, we were told about the stories of our village and we were afraid of their wine and their fear. This is just a story that the white rhinoceros of hotel rice just because of the lungs in the fog chain. Another thing is that he does not know what a stomach does. Sotan is in a pot of aluminum in the turmoil. That's why the hotel will have a bottle of violet and a chance. We had a blood witness to this story as he had a chance to study in our street and he had a hotel meal in Sathur.

In those days, the villages were mostly handicap rice. So we have not seen the rice of white vaweler. Since the rice mills have arrived in the city, the rice in the machine must be white. My first hotel meal was when I was studying seventh. In Sathur, our Seventh 'A' boys went into a greetings and signed the call to Thalintar in the Scholarship application. We ate in a small hotel. Lemon rice is then Nalana. Our minds have no courage to eat white cheeks. Eat yellow rice. Who knows when the fried rice is eaten again?

I have seen many people in the circuit overseas who are looking for food in an uninsured restaurant. There are also shops that are hidden in the lanes, such as the Mother Meuse, the Moon Mees, and the Board of Soft Pots. If some of them go to the hotel, I have seen only the soups and whey they have eaten and spoil the spices. If you enter hotels, the smell of the sambhar will hit the front. There are also those who look at the shop that is not smelling.

We have a globally accounting around Tamil Nadu. In the Kumari district, there is no good shop to eat vegetarian food. Our hope is to get fish food. Thirunelveli has one or two good stores. It is Madurai for vegetarian meals. In the midst of a dry terrain. Locals can ask questions about why we are in Burma. However, we can not get through. Then go east, there is a shop in the threshold. If you leave it, it is Thanjavur. In Pudukkottai, you can leave the bus for an idiot called Egg Mass. Thanjavur is one and two shops. If the Nagapattinam, fish cutting, fish species can be cut. Throwing the wooden trees.

If you go north from Madurai, there are some good shops in Trichy. If so, it is Chennai. There are also some shops in Tirupur and Coimbatore in the western zone. In the Kongu region, wheat salt and yoghurt will be put. If we put salt in our eyes, then the family has a habit of speaking badly. They say, 'Go and put a salty dress.' Coimbatore is a part of celebrating Udupa. Good pulp on the side of Dharmapuri There are some good restaurants in Hosur.

Placing the 'Saravanapavan - the high quality vegetarian restaurant' to attract people is a culture that spreads across Tamilnadu. If that's the case, 'Aryabhavan - High Class Vegitarian' puts the board. Nellai district Moolakiripatti Reddy community is the most populated area of ​​the 'Arya Bhavan'. Those stores get good food. But there are those cheating in that name. The continuation of the 'Shanthi Swades Alva' in Tirunelveli is a good example of opening up 22 shops at the Tirunelveli Integrated Bus Station at 'Shanthi Sweets'. I do not have a choice of rice. What type of attack is the type of attack. I will have to eat the hungry, not the taste of taste, and in any street in any street I will eat. In the hope that something will be fine. Only water in many stores is just fine. Nothing can be put in the mouth, but it is a surprise that the food is eaten. Those who eat the bus in a hurry to the bus are more likely to shop. They take advantage of the emergency mindset and do business. After the golden umbrellas came more horrible. Many shops will follow these shops to attract customers. The bus driver brought to the conductor is free.

Now in some places the natural food shops have grown up. Healthy food. Food without risk. But in the carousel
How can they make them feel depressed? If they do something to enjoy those types of food, it's good.

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