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Car Maintenance

Car maintenance
Each manufacturer creates official maintenance guidelines for each vehicle. You can view your owner's booklet to see your car or truck's recommended car care schedule, but in general you can follow the rules below to keep your car healthy.

Oil change: every 3,000 - 5,000 miles
The simplest and best way to maintain your car is through regular oil changes. Because the oil is traveling smoothly from every part of your engine, its significance is less valuable.

Check the fluid levels: every 3,000 - 5,000 miles
When driving your vehicle into a trolley vehicle, check your car or truck for the correct car fluid level. Antifreeze, power steering, cooling, even wiper fluid-we check to ensure all of these are maintained in the right size and your vehicle parts have the juice they need to move on. Plus, frequent checks will help determine if you have a spill somewhere in the machine.

Filter replacement: every 10,000 - 15,000 miles
The filters like your cabin air filter and the engine air filter will be easy to replace and put other impurities to dirty and build inside your engine. Besides, the pollutants and allergies that change your air filtration will help you eliminate the inner parts of your vehicles.

Tire cycle every 5,000 and tire balance: every 10,000 miles
Your tires are rotating so long they do long because they wear fairly even when they rotate. This makes Tire wear a safe and long driving distance.

Battery Check: Every year
In addition to fluid levels, check your battery and clean the terminal if needed. Most batteries can go for a care without any maintenance but it is important to recognize the recognition if the configuration occurs and if the battery is close to the end of its lifespan. In most of our climates, batteries can last only 3 years.
Factory Planned Maintenance / Inspections: For each 15,000 miles this test provides a complete test for your vehicle brakes, hoses, wheels, exhausts, steering system, lights and other parts of the vehicle's safe operation. This review comprises of many complex areas, one of the most important things you can keep your vehicle long and keep your passengers safe.
Keep reminder maintenance reminders in your calendar; This is the best way to monitor what your car is doing and what you have done. In addition to the preventive maintenance options we offer, our repairs come with every repair warranty. Today you can plan your next appointment in Dillon's vehicles.Request a rating.

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